100% Cotton Yarn 

1)  Count Range: Ne 2/1 to Ne 140/1, in single, double and multiple ply.

2)  Carded and Combed Yarn.

3)  Ring Spun, Compact Spun, Core Spun and Open End Yarns. TFO Doubled.

4)  Application: Yarn for Knitting, Weaving and Sewing.

5)  Virgin Cotton, Indian Cotton, GIZA Cotton and PIMA Cotton Yarn.

6)  Gassed, Bleached and Mercerised Yarns. Lycra Blended Yarns.

7)  Melange, Modal, Optical White, Black and Dyed Yarns. Slub and Neppy Yarns. Waxed and Unwaxed yarns.

8)  Yarns are Auto Coned, Wet Spliced, Siro Cleared and Contamination Controlled. We also offer highest quality Contamination Free Yarns.

9)  Carton and Pallet Packing.



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